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Learn if Foreclosure Investing is Right for You!

Sunday, January 1, 2017 6:00pm Pacific

Attend this FREE webinar hosted by President Alexis McGee, 25 year veteran investor and retired agent. Alexis focuses on getting you started in the lucrative world of foreclosure investing, finding the best foreclosure deals, and closing win-win deals with or without the use of your own cash or credit.

Investor Strategy Sessions with Alexis

Group Coaching Calls with 25-Year Foreclosure Expert

Sunday, January 1, 2017 6:00pm Pacific

Attend this Live, Interactive, Group Coaching Call with Alexis McGee, President and 25 year foreclosure investor veteran. This is a conversation with Alexis and her current clients and Coach Proteges, who will discuss the most up-to-date strategies in today's foreclosure investing business.

About Live Webinars

Live Webinars are how provides the most current information on how to profit from foreclosed real estate in today's changing markets. Hosted by Alexis McGee , 25 year Investor Veteran, REO Expert, Co-Founder and President of These webinars are a LIVE tool to help you succeed in real estate investing and put profits in the bank right now, without using any of your own cash.

Thousands have used Alexis' tools and techniques to stay ahead in the foreclosure investing industry. If you are just starting out or have invested in real estate before you will be surprised at how much new insight you will gain in our content-rich 90 minute Live Webinars. You will not want to miss a single live event.

What is a webinar?

Web conferences, also known as webinars are used to conduct live meetings, training, or presentations via the Internet. In a webinar, each attendee sits at his or her own computer and is connected to other attendees' and organizer via the internet. After downloading a free application to each of the attendees' computers, the attendees will access the meeting by clicking on a link (distributed by e-mail) to enter the webinar. These features vary depending on the conference provider. uses Webex as its conference provider. If you have additional questions that were not answered here you may want to check the Webex Frequently Asked Questions .

How does it work?

Upon registering to attend one of's Live Webinars you will recieve an email from Webex with the date and time of the event and a link to join the webinar.

The day of the event click the link in your email to join the webinar. If you have attended a webinar using Webex before you will automatically be logged into the call, otherwise you will be directed to download the Webex Software.

After joining the Webinar you will see the Webex viewer. This window is where the main content of the presentations will be displayed. The audio portion of the call may be heard one of two ways: 1) you may use your computer speakers or 2) you may dial a private phone number and listen over the phone. You may also perform other actions such as live chat and raising your hand to ask Alexis questions.

Asking questions

For the Experienced or Professional Webinars Alexis McGee will take live questions during the event for all attendees' to hear. To be eligible to ask a question live you must have a working head set attached to your computer, or be dialed in to the call live over the phone.

During all LIVE events typed questions can be entered for Alexis, Panelists and Organizers to answer. Panelists will answer questions during the presentation and remaining questions will be answered by Alexis personally at the end of the event.