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Mastering Foreclosures Lab
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Apartment Investing Lab
August 22-23, 2013
Thursday and Friday
8:30am - 5:00pm
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Trustee Sale Auction Lab
8:30am - 5:00pm
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All training courses are held at the Foreclosures.Com facilities, located at:
4112 Crestline Avenue
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(Sacramento Area)

Foreclosure Investing Labs, Hands-On Training Courses

Alexis McGee's 2-Day Foreclosure Investing Lab

Mastering Foreclosure Flips with Alexis McGee

Alexis focuses on Pre-Foreclosures and REO's because as the market cycle shifts from one to the other there will always be deals to be made with either system.

On the other hand, auctions, apartments and other wholesale methods have short term investing windows. As alexis sees those windows open in any market, she'll introduce you to professional investors who specialize in those areas, so you can profit from them too.

The Mastering Foreclosure Flips Lab program is designed to help our clients to find, fund, close and flip Pre-Foreclosure, Short Sale and REO deals in their local markets, by giving them a learn-by-doing business plan that they can execute with hands on help by Alexis. More information about Alexis' Investor Mastermind Program here.

Mike Ballard's 2-Day Apartment Investing Lab

Apartment Investing with Mike Ballard

National foreclosure and apartment industry expert, investor, instructor and Coach Michal Ballard, will share his step by step plan on finding, funding and closing Apartment Foreclosure properties, and building your income property cash-cow business nationwide with the help of outside investors. More information on Michal's 2-Day Apartment Investing Lab .

Sarah Garlick's 2-Day Trustee Sale Auction Investing Lab

Trustee Sale Auction Investing

Highly saught after Foreclosure and Auction Investor expert will share her easily duplicated and streamlined approach to finding, qualifying, winning, funding and reselling heavily discounted trustee sale auction properties. More information about the Trustee Sale Auction Investing Lab here.

If you have additional questions about our in-person labs or training courses, please contact our Consultants at (800) 310-7730 x2 .


Our Lab Training is designed to allow students to experience the work foreclosure investors do every day. The small classes are designed to allow each teacher to address your specific needs. You will call sellers in your local market, look at real deals and learn what it takes to close a profitable investment first hand. Each Lab student leaves knowing their own business plan with the confidence to execute it.

Labs are for students who understand the "Foreclosure Investment Fundementals." Alexis' best-selling books and Mastering Homestudy Program are excellent resources to start students learning the skills they need to profit from distressed property investing.