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Master Foreclosure Investing Home Study
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In-Depth Foreclosure Training Program

I will Virtually Hold Your Hand to Success

Alexis McGee, President, Mentor and Investor

What is Foreclosure Investing? Buying from Motivated Sellers.

If you can find sellers who need to quickly sell their property, you will find discounted prices. "Foreclosure Lists" are where to find motivated sellers.

There are millions of listings on Can you weed through the leads, and find the best opportunities for quick profits?

Alexis McGee has been teaching investors, just like you, how to turn's foreclosure leads into big money since 1995. Her surefire, paint-by-the-numbers system guides you through the ins-and-outs of real estate investing.

This in-depth training will virtually hold your hand through the whole process. You will learn to find opportunity; how to get the seller to sell for a wholesale price; where to find someone else's money to close the deal; the secrets to maximizing your rehab dollars and minimizing your rehab time. Bottom line, this course will teach you to pocket big cash paydays quickly.

Alexis has a Vision of You

She sees you walking into your bank with a check from your first flipped deal. You will experience what it’s like to cash a several thousand-dollar check and change your life all at once. Alexis remembers her first check. It changed her world. She has received thousands of emails from students who her system has rocked their world.

Take for example, Seth Jayne. Seth served our country as a Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot in the US Army. He is now a successful Real Estate Investor. His 2012 income was over $300,000 from buying and selling foreclosures. All this with NO Real Estate experience prior to this home-study program.

Alexis wants you to be like Seth. Her vision for you is to make serious money investing in Real Estate. If you are willing to work as hard as Seth, her program has the system that will take you to success.

Seth Jayne, Former US Army Blackhawk Pilot

"Alexis, I just want to take a moment and publicly thank you. With your training I was able to do several short sales, preforeclosures and REO deals and I now own a large portfolio of property that has positive cash flow. You do a fantastic job of helping other people get what they want. THANK YOU!!!"
-Seth Jayne, Former U.S Army Blackhawk Pilot, FAA Certified Instructor (CFII), Real Estate Investor, MBA and entrepreneur.

Investor Training Design

Alexis designed this investor training from her own experiences as a neophyte investor. When she, and her husband Tim, began looking for distressed property there was a lot of hype around. (Not unlike what is out there now). It turns out a guy with white teeth in a hotel room is seldom the real investor, patient trainer and go to resource you need for success.

Buying property is hard work. You can't just subscribe to our foreclosure list information and instantly make money. How do you take a pre-foreclosure listing and turn it into profit? For starters, not all the properties listed are good deals. You must develop a set of "filters" to eliminate the dogs from the good opportunities. There is a system. Use it and the properties that deserve your time will quickly identify themselves.

Cary Honganen, Marine Geoscientist, Dad

"I’m a big believer in action. Get out and do it! If I can do this while keeping my ‘day job’ so can you."
-Cary Honganen, Texas, Marine Geoscientist, Dad, and Real Estate Investor

Alexis put all this in a package designed to help you consume the material effortlessly while driving around town looking at property or at the convenience of your home computer. The online tutorials walk you through how to specifically find discounted property and hard to find homeowners and lenders. The best part of this system is that 90% of the work can be done from the convenience of your own home.

This is the foundational course to more of Alexis' advanced trainings. Yet, she teaches some of the more advanced contract assigning and flipping strategies within the confines on this training. This is her most complete Investor Training to date. Not to mention that with the online portion of the training, she is constantly improving it and making updates to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

You see, whether you’ve been in real estate your whole life or are just beginning, this can be done. No matter how far you decide to take your real estate education… investor training, advanced class or personal coaching… there is plenty of opportunity for you to profit.

How much you invest in yourself depends on you. Just know that at each step of the way there is money to be made.

Unlike Any Other Training

There can't be any other training that allows for you to leverage the strengths you already possess instead of having to go and learn to be and do something or someone that you’re not. For this is one of the reasons that Alexis' students do so well. It just comes naturally to them.

We want you to succeed in real estate too. We have for you Alexis McGee's 8 Steps to Master Foreclosure Investor Training and 6 months of group mentoring ($294 value).

The combination of both the home study and group mentoring sessions will be just what you need to succeed at making money in real estate in the next 90 days.

This can be yours today for just $549

What's Included in Your Course?

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  • New Online Videos: 6 Course Modules ($549 Value)
    • Introduction, PreForeclosures (Steps 1-6), Auctions (Steps 1-6), REOs (Steps 1-6), Step 7, Step 8
  • New Digital Online Documents: ($549 Value)
    • Written Presentation, Agreements, Forms and more
  • Bonus: Next 6 Months Strategy Sessions ($294 Value)
  • FREE Lifetime Personal Support: (Priceless)
    • Direct Email help from Alexis
  • Only $549 ($843 Value)
  • No-Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your "Master Foreclosure Investing Online Training" new investor home-study course, simply call us, 800.310.7730 or email us within 30 days of purchase. That's it. We will refund your purchase price.