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The total amount of properties with foreclosure filings in the state of South Dakota is about 765 properties in the past year, averaging out to one filing for every 467 households, much lower than the United States average of 45. This is about one fifth of one percent of the state's housing units.

South Dakota is the 5th smallest U.S. state by population, with 812,383 people, and by population density. Its 77,116 square miles make it the 17th largest state by area. The per capita personal income is $38,865, 25th higest in the nation, and the median household income is $46,032. South Dakota's total gross state product is $39.8 billion, ranking as the 5th smalled in the nation.

South Dakota has one of the nation's lowest gross state products, but this partially offset by one of the lowest unemployment rates. The state's economy relies heavily on agriculture and the service industry, although its efforts to diversify the economy have led to increasing corporate representation from companies such as Citibank, which uses South Dakota as a base for its national operations. Tourism is strong in the state particularly in the Black Hills mountains and Mount Rushmore.

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This section will review foreclosure laws in South Dakota. Because foreclosure laws vary from state to state, it is important to understand how the South Dakota... Read More

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