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I appreciate your help, and your opinion. That's why I came back to you. I can tell you truly are there for us new investors, or seasoned investors, and your in the front lines doing it. I apologize if I sounded a little star struck when you called. I know you always say your doing it, and I knew you were, but now I know your there doing it. hopefully we will meet soon again, either at escrow closing this deal if we can make it work, or you as my coach as I go through your course, one way or another, i will see you at the top..... Thanks for your help. "
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Hi Alexis, Don't know if you've already seen this article from today's NY Times. I've been following your webinars for five years now, and you have been 100% correct in describing the market all the time. Rising home prices and a declining supply of inexpensive foreclosed houses have led some investment companies to lock in profits by unloading homes. "
View Similar Testimonials » Theo K - New York, NY
You are AMAZING with how you teach these webinars. "
View Similar Testimonials » Eric Holmes - , CA
Alexis, Thank you for getting everyone into a mindset of service to others. It took awhile and was looking like it was going to go way uphill in the meeting today. I see why you moved over to the new format. During these last two meetings you have given me un-measureable understanding, knowledge and value that i can add to others lives. "
View Similar Testimonials » Stuart Baucom - Laveen, AZ
First let me thank you for your brilliant foreclosure home study course I have learned a lot about foreclosures, auctions, and REO property in such a short amount of time and I applaud you for making your course so simple. Even my little brother wanted to learn how to start investing. My next step is applying for your hands on help today I will be contacting Lisa so she could give me information on how to get setup. Thanks. "
View Similar Testimonials » Tavaris Hood - MIami , FL
Tim, you guys ROCK. I attended Alexis' last webinar. Thanks for staying in touch. I still refer everyone who asks me about real estate investing to contact "
View Similar Testimonials » Betty Wingfield - Lodi, CA
Here's an update for our client Dave Simmons from Peak Financial... Retired Loan Officer, FT Investor Sacramento Metro Area. 2013 Results: 15 Rehab Flips, Average Profit $50,000 each. 25 Investor Assignments, Average Profit $12,000 each. 2013: Over $1 million in profits. Pre-Foreclosure lead in Los Angeles. 4-plex owed $100,000. Signed the deal, called major local RE firms, one broker offered me $300,000. Double escrow. Seller got $100,000, paid debts, I got $93,000 payday, 11 days A to Z. Agent Referred Private Party Sale lead. Contracted to Buy for $325,000. Searched nearby job sites for contractor buyers. Assigned deal to contractor for $350,000. Dave made $25,000 in <30 days. Contractor rehabbed and sold for $489,000. Netted $65,000 profit. East Sacramento private party sale. Purchased $285,000 Rehabbed $57,000 Sold $559.000 Dave's Profit $160,000 These are just 3 of deals Dave did last year. Isn’t it time you get the skills and resources you need to do the same? It's time you surround yourself with the right mentor to help you get where you need to be, to see the success you deserve! "
View Similar Testimonials » Dave Simmons - Sacramento, CA
I so enjoyed this evenings webinar. Once again I learned the importance of 'working' a system. I came out with new information, i.e. Redfin, etc. Cool. It was a JOY listening to Alexis. "
View Similar Testimonials » Trey Littlejohns - Twaine Hart, CA
Hi Alexis, Mastermind meeting #3 today was good! My confidence is building. Thank you for providing the information with the spreadsheets. I can't wait to go back and review the demo on video again. Thanks for everything, "
View Similar Testimonials » Julie Johnson - Las Cruces, NM
Hey Alexis, Want an update? How about just the month of August? Closed and collected. 1. Motivated seller, estate sale would not allow an assignment. Did LLC transfer to one of my fix/flip buyers. My fee $29,000 2. Motivated seller, moving. Contract assignment. My fee $10,000 3. Co-wholesale. Fellow wholesaler had property under contract, I supplied buyer. My fee $3,000 4. Co-wholesale. Fellow wholesaler had property under contract, I supplied buyer. My fee $2,000 5. Listed property, individual motivated seller. LLC transfer to one of my fix/flip buyers. my fee $9,600 6. Provided buyer for one of my Buyers properties. It was a rental that they wanted out of. She knows what I do (she has purchased 5 properties from me) and asked if I could send it out to my buyers. Supplied the buyer, does not close until Sept 23rd. My fee is $6,000. Not a bad month! :) "
View Similar Testimonials » Mike Mangham - Lakewood, CO
Hi, I'm a nearly new investor compared to you pros lol. However I have done the Armando Monetelongo program and must say I have learned much more through your mastering 8 step program then any, thank you for that. I'm following your steps and found a pre-foreclosure on your list... and have some questions... Looking forward to your assistance.. Treat others better then you treat yourself and you will see a great reward. Be a blessing to others and be blessed, "
View Similar Testimonials » Danielle Milloway - Cumming, GA
I just closed an off the market short sale in Concord, I found through cold calling. Got it approved for $360k (loans were over $600k). Only needs $18k in fix up. A smaller house a few doors down listed for $479k and sold for $525k fast. Mine will go for $500-$525k easy. Lined up 95% hard money and closed the deal. $81k in profits for me after everything. Thank you for the big boost in Mastermind. Have 2 more deals going! "
View Similar Testimonials » John Eisele - Davis, CA
Hi Alexis I am enjoying your 8 steps to mastering foreclosures sooo much! You were exactly right about those comps! You explained the exact situation that I am facing with those comps and not only that but on the rehab also.It is soo much good stuff I cant explain it all I just wanted you to know this is great!Now I just have to put these deals together Im working with now.Alexis You will Always be my #1 realstate mentor.I dont like the term guru.I will keep you posted. "
View Similar Testimonials » Tony Alexander - Gallatin, TN
Hi Alexis. I am so excited to complete your mastering foreclosures program and more importanly have you for a mentor. Thanks so much for creating this program and for being so gracious to share it with others. I will start the training today and I look forward to working with you and learning from you. "
View Similar Testimonials » Cathy Hansen - Jacksonville, FL
Alexis, I had 3 short sale offers direct with the owner to purchase, that I ended up listing and selling (lender counter was too high). Did an open house and double ended all 3 properties (6% commission). Yippie! Every day I door knock owners direct on at least 5 houses - short sales and equity sales - hunting for deals to buy - happy to list and sell as a backup. Win-win for all. There are so many deals. Thank you for your help! "
View Similar Testimonials » Leonora Cruz - San Jose, CA
Dear Alexis, I recently purchased your 8 steps to mastering foreclosures online course. I am a very serious student and will do what it takes to be successful. I have a degree in Finance and other credentials but have entrepreneurial spirit. I am a past real estate-licensed person from years ago, and have only worked for a builder to sell. Other than that, I have always "worked" as a mom, raising my children and working here and there around their schedules to keep their lives on track. They are now older and I am so wanting to make a lot of money in real estate, but need assistance. I sat through an Armando Montelongo 3-day seminar and gained NOTHING but a 3-day hard sell for some bus tour for $40,000 a seat. Nightmare! I just finished your Pre-Foreclosure segment then jumped online to look at houses on your site. I found a property with an estimated Market Value of $640,000 and current comps show a value of $675,000- $735,000. From the photo, the house looks clean. If I estimate the ARV $699,000, the offer price is $469,300 and their loan in FC is $125,000 (they have 80% Equity!!!!) Great! Can't wait to get going... Thank you! "
View Similar Testimonials » Victoria Bush - Novi, MI
Alexis, After spending around 25 thousand dollars buying every possible get rich quick schemes that are available on the internet, Thank God I found your site The other so called Gurus I have listened to are from Chicago, Florida, California, Ottawa and all these individuals offer a small piec of the whole picture. I have been to seminars in Las Vegas, California, Edmonton and numerous other places. Now take this as some valuable advise, all of those other so called Gurus only touched on there own little idea and didn't offer the complete picture. Now Alexis and her give you the Whole package from start to finish. Alexis teaches you exactly what you need to do in her Mastering Foreclosures 8 Step online training course and then holds your hand when you take her Mastermind Program and makes sure that you understand how to do this business. If your contemplating it, is the way to go and listen to her webinars, complete her training programs and get to work. I wish you success in the real estate business. Thank you "
View Similar Testimonials » Bert Jonas - Edmonton-Alberta, NV
Alexis, we’re doing great. I’ve actually partnered up with two of my apartment classmates – Scott & Kenny and we’ve been touring deals & running spreadsheets. We’re currently working on our first potential deal together. It’s an 80 unit property down south that will require substantial rehab with great upside potential. We’re taking it down with all cash and should know in about a week if it’s a go. We’re also looking at a handful of other deals as well and will start running some spreadsheets on these as well. We could not have done this without Mike’s help. We’re excited with our progress and have no intention of slowing down after the first one. We’re looking to keep buying as many as possible for the next 5-7 years. Thanks again Alexis and thanks again Mike "
View Similar Testimonials » Peter Eiseman - Newtown, PA
I have recently purchased a 96 unit distressed apartment project - paying only $475,000 (less than $5000/door!). I used private money to debt finance the project. Once I finish my rehab, stabilize and refi the project, it will be worth conservatively $2,100,000 -- and I will own 100% of the equity! That's $1,350,000 profit, not counting cash flow! I couldn't have done this without first learning from the best. Thank you Michal for direction and support! "
View Similar Testimonials » Dave Gregory - Cornelius, NC
I bought a 73 unit apartment project, for $1,395,000 financed it to keep a 100% equity stake, and once stabilized will conservatively sell for $2,600,000. Doug will make over $1,500,000 on this one project alone. The property next door to mine came up on a couple weeks ago, and I bid $1M for it on the site (with bank financing) - incredibly, the property went for $1.55M (with the 5% auction fee added in, that's $1.63M). That's over a 25% premium on the cost per door on the property I bought. That bodes well for the valuations, especially since one next door still needs work. I can't thank Michal enough! "
View Similar Testimonials » Doug Pereyda - Los Gatos, CA

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